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How does this work?

We take your city name/area name and process the weather conditions of that city. Conditions like temperature, humidity, UV index, wind speed and other important parameters are considered and based on the proprietary algorithm/index, we rank the output of these parameters in a index called "Safe Running Index" OR "SRI". It is in range of 0-5 at present

On What parameters does this SRI indicate the value?

We rank the SRI based on various weather parameters like Temperature, Humidity, UV index, Wind speed etc. SRI(Safe Running Index) is proprietary algorithm managed by ; It is in range of 0-5, with 5 being the best for running while 0 being the worst.

Does value - "NO" indicate that weather is bad?

This website suggests the outdoor running weather indicator only. This does not indicate any other parameter. It is solely for outdoor running only.

The website says - NO for running. But, I always run at such environmental parameters. What should I do?

It is just a suggestion for healthy running. If it says NO, it is recommended not to go for outdoor running. However, it depends on your gut feeling and decision. Such parameters have long term effect - so maybe going for a run when it is NO - occassionaly is as per your choice.

The website says,- there is some error. What should I do?

It is not your fault. Please report to us via email id given above. There is some error while fetching weather conditions or with the algorithm code. We will look into the issue. While reporting us, please let us know your city so that we can understand your conditions better.

How do you earn money?

We do not share your data for money. We only share cookie/cache information with third party websites like Google Analytics or similar other services for professional/analytical use only. We do not sell data to third parties. At present, we do not earn revenue out of this however you can support us by buying us a coffee using the "Buy Us a Coffee" button at bottom of the page if you like our service.

How Accurate is this tracker?

It is pretty accurate as it is based on real time weather conditions. However this is not a sure shot indicator for running w.r.t to your body. It also depends on your body fitness and you know it better. Please follow Doctor's advice wherever necessary. This is an indicator only!

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